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Designing beautiful sites for Notary Leaders.

Every single day you are watching individuals sign their names to important decisions that will shape the course of their lives. They’re confidently moving forward into the directions they believe are best.  This is incredible! As a notary,  you’re a leader in identity, integrity, and decision. You’ve honored others as they empower their favorite outcomes, we think you should do the same, and with confidence. We want to see your signature and fingerprint on the community and the world wide web. We’re creating notary web sites that will change the industry forever.

From the minds of Pasquariello Design LLC

Identity + Integrity

"This is us. This is the direction we're excited to go!"

WHO WE ARE:  We’ve been building and designing websites professionally for over 7 years and we’re prepped and ready to help your notary services thrive. One of our designers has operated an incredible notary signing service in San Diego, CA for over 15 years. Together, we’re giving notary all the excitement it deserves!

WHAT WE’RE DOING: We’re bringing the notary industry to life through the alchemy of beautiful design, refreshing personalities, and your authenticity!  The very spirit of notary says “This is who I am, and this is where I want to go”. We believe that acting on the things that inspire us combine our Integrity with our integrity.  This is where the best work is found. 

ACKNOWLEDGING your signature within the industry.

Let's showcase what makes you and your business awesome!

The small things add up and the details matter. Your clients see the work you do and they love you for it. We reflect this in the beauty of your website.  Provide customers a portal to be in touch, learn about your services, and a place to refer others while you’re busy doing great work. We want to provide your with beautiful design and a site that keeps your business running seamlessly. 


Demo our flagship design, ‘Springboard

Our Springboard website is completely setup and launched for you! You get what you see!  It Includes:

  • Fully responsive webpage 
  • Built on WordPress
  • A thoughtful and responsive design team
  • Includes 1 year of hosting, theme/plugin maintenance, backups, and security
  • You get what you see! (design/layout/menu)
  • Populated with your perfect content! (photos/text)
  • Fully done-for-you install, setup, content loading and launch
  • Responsive/adaptive viewing for mobile & tablets
  • Personalized contact and/or In-take forms
  • Option to integrate your personal booking calendar (Calendly, Genbook, etc.)
  • Easy tutorial videos so that you’re equipped to make changes to content, photos, and add to site
  • Blog page available for an additional $250
  • SEO package added for an additional $2400 

unique like a fingerprint

A previous client and now a partnering team designer, Patrick Hall, has operated a premier notary business for over 15 years. He found that the more he did business that aligned with his identity, the more amazing the work became. With a California spirit, he befriended San Diego elite leaders. His team’s journals now hold the beginnings to city Skylines, groundbreaking innovations, and celebrity personalities.  His team brings incredible professionalism to downtown law firms in high-rise conference rooms, but you won’t find him in a suit running around town. He delivers his professionalism within the excellence of his work, and a personal true-to-self authentic spirit. 

Learn about our client’s experience and let’s show the world what your business looks like next!  

client REVIEWS

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Notary Public by Design! They helped create my dream website and logo and did it all in such a timely manner! Jon dealt with all of my millions of questions professionally & kindly – as if he were just an old friend helping me out. Patrick was so refreshing, understanding all of the ins and outs of a notary business. Overall my experience was top notch.”

“Jon has now designed 2 websites for me and they are both phenomenal! He is so much fun to work with and provides lots of updates throughout the process. Even when I was procrastinating, he was patient and encouraging! 10 out of 10 would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!”

“If you are fortunate enough to work with Jon once, you won’t be able to live without his work after.”  

We sign,
seal, and

We’re all about partnership. Combine your game-changing work with our web design services and we’ll take your life business to the next level. Give it the honored details and design that it warrants.
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